lol it really feels like it is one, doesn’t it……………..?

aaaaaaaanyway here i am again ehe ehe ehe.

so. yeah. some personal life updates ; i’m done with church stuff and last sunday was my confirmation and i got lots of money (idol merch come to me) and an iphone so you can now follow me on instagram too wow i’m everywhere.

right my intagram is → heartgata , if anyone cares  (⌒▽⌒)☆

soooo what i really wanted to post about iiiiis. oricon half yearly rankings are out. and akb48 and it’s sister and subgroups and soloists and rivals and whatever are totally dominating yayy (´∇ノ`*)ノ so i’m bored so i’m gonna do my top 5 singles for this. half a year we’ve had here. here we go? hehe

#5 manatsu no sounds good! / akb48 [oricon : #1]
manatsuuu no sounds gooooddd! i really like this song, probably my favorite (!?) out of the summer singles from akb so far. however, even though i love the a-side tons, the only b-side i’m really in love is “gugutasu no sora” by google+ senbatsu, and that’s why it’s “””only”””” 5th. okay, moving onto next one!

#4 erepyon / ono erena [oricon : out of top50]
erepyon is baaaaaaack! ah, this song is a gift from the heavens. i really love erepyon’s voice, and i also really like the slight autotune or whatever in this song. the b-side, sentimental girl, is also amazing. love love love love it. havent listened to the other b-side though whoops. 😦 moving to #3 nau yey

#3 soredemo suki da yo / sashihara rino [oricon : #27]
sasssssshiiiiiiii. my favorite solo single from an akb girl so far. which is funny because she’s probably the worst singer out of all the girls with solo singles lolol. anyway, the a-side track is my favorite, but she also gave us hatsukoi hills which is a really sweet song, as well as solo versions of renai sousenkyou and itoshiki natasha. and as a special track, matsuura aya’s yeah! meccha holiday cover  (´ω`★)  yep yep, really love this single. amazing !

#2 aishiteraburu! / ske48 [oricon : #8]
i love you~ aishiteru! yeah. obvious choices for #1 and #2 coming up. anyway, the a-side is amazing and it’s my most played song on itunes at the moment (all my plays vanished when i got a new laptop. it’s not even close to my old #1 but) and yeah. shirogumi with aya center is amazing and akagumi is great as always. selection 8 song, halation, is suuuper good. 5th gen song is a bit meh, but doesn’t matter because the rest of the songs make up for it yay!

and the #1 is obviously.

#1 kataomoi finally / ske48 [oricon : #7]
dear god this song is gooooooodddddddd. love it to death. this is also what made me decide ske48 is my favorite current group over the current s/mileage. shirogumi’s hanikami lollipop is super cute, and akagumi’s  koe wo kasureru kurai is great too. and ahh whatever i just love all the songs on this single okay !!!!! yeah best single of the year so far!! love love love wahoo

so there’s my top5 for the first half of 2012. what’s yours?


wow i really update only like once two month if even that……………………


i’m going to post about usa☆usa shoujo club.

l→r himeka, hikaru, runo, yui, hiyoko, rikako, nozomi, juri, noa, ayame, miri, yuka

they’re an underground idol group that my friend introduced to me recently. they’re a 12-member group, and inside the group there’s three sub-units; zipcode, rhymeberry and soon debuting chu♡ni.

i watched a few videos and rikako immediately stood up as my favorite. so as i told this to my friend, he told me he’d tell about me to rikako. so cool ;o; so he did, and apparently she was really happy. and then this happened, too.

ehhhh !?

it’s… a signed polaroid ;~; and it’s signed by rikako! to me!? ;~; when my friend told me he got me a present, and sent me these pics, i got so so happy. i’ve been doing nothing but looking up more and more about this group. it’s hard, they’re so no-name and all, but gosh i’ve came to love them ♥

about the polaroid. she apparently had asked if i understand japanese, and my friend had said “maybe if you write simple?”, but the girl had decided to try her best with english. so cute !! ♥

so yeah. not much of a blog post, was it? lol. i’ll write some more on 5/2, when there’s a lot of new stuff coming out.

anyway, i’ll leave you with two videos ; zipcode and usausa focusing on rikako. until next time o/

zipcode // teens dream

usa☆usa shoujo club // yozora no shita de

whoops sorry it’s been ages (again) ^o^)/

i’ve been busy spamming twitter (@chuxnon – it’s locked though O/)  and tumblr (, we moved and everything and my computer broke and

yeah excuses aside i’m going to blog about something now and i’m not yet sure what it is errrrr what should i write.

okay it’s the 31st of march? so i shall write about something i never was fan of, about something i never bothered to get to know, but who i finally got a bit interested in – 2 weeks’ish before their mass graduation. yes, i’m talking about sdn48.

thank you sdn48!

i never cared about the older sister group. their sexy and adult image just didnt do it for me. and seeing as they were going to graduate, i didn’t want to get too attached and into them. so i just left sdn for the sdn fans.

now weeks before i decided to give a listen to their album “next encore”. and found out they had many great songs. like really great. :c

my favorite member is meetan, ohori megumi. i like her for her personality, and she’s gorgeous. i mostly know her from her akb times though. watching the ue kara natsuko pv, i also fell for aimi. then there’s miray, cindy, serina, nachu, and a few others i like too.

i also listened to their only original stage, yuuwaku no garter. didn’t find it that amazing but then again, i think it might be better to watch it rather than listen to it, right?

so yeah. that was that. even though i never got that into sdn48, and now probably never will, i want to thank these girls for the hard work they did for their fans. they probably won’t disappear, and we’ll see them in the future in their own activities (such as cindy in warota7!! i love shounen yo, uso tsuke ♥).

thank you sdn48, i hope all the best for you ♥

#nowplaying – all these songs !

hey hey, here i am again.
yeah, i never did the entry about yuukarin’s graduation, don’t expect me to do it, as i really don’t want to. ( ; O ; )ノ

also guys. if you haven’t yet, do visit my tumblr. it’s 100% amazingness. /shamelessselfpromo (n u n

buttt now is time to do what everyone should do every year~ top 10 releases of the year!
and in my case, it’s full of idols. obviously. duh

sooo~ let’s start with #10, shall we?

10th place - MAX!乙女心 // SUPER☆GiRLS

here it is~ max! otome gokoro by super☆girls (‘O’*
i really love this song, it’s so summery and the music video is full of cute girls jumping around in bikini! yay, i sound like a pedo! no but really this song is so catchy! ++ ruka’s long solo line is soooo amazing omagah. her voice is so soothing. please let her have a solo song please please pleaseeeee. i’d listen to it all day long. anyway, this deserves its 10th spot on my list, it just stole the spot from morning musume’s maji desu ka suka! and s/mileage’s koi ni booing buu! and tachiagaaru, that shall be mentioned because they’re all amazing. this is just a teeny bit more amazing.

next up!

9th place - 風は吹いている // AKB48

this song ranks in my favorite akb48 singles, no doubt about it. overall, this year was great for akb and the girls deserve all the attention they’re getting. kaze wa fuiteiru is amazing. i could listen to it forever and ever and ever. the single’s b-sides are amazing, too, i really love kimi no senaka, and gondola lift&vamos are superb too. and jurina looks amazing in this picture, by the way. so yeah. this is a well deserved #9 for akb48, let’s see if they made it even higher later on shall we? (´u`*

8th place - ショートカット // スマイレージ

hopefully you didn’t think you’d make it through without seeing s/mileage even once, because trust me, you won’t. (^O^
shortcut was their first release in 2011, and i love it. it puts me in a good mood every single time, and i don’t have 114 plays for it for no reason at all. i love these four girls, and i love this song. one of my favorite s/mileage songs ♥ sakichy’s last “tabi shitai” makes my heart beat every time. this is saki’s song, somehow, i don’t know, it just is. i wish she did this as a solo once. wahh. i miss you sakichy ;-; ♥

7th place - オキドキ // SKE48

oki doki ikuzoooooo!! i love this song. it’s so good! the music video is damn amazing too. so much going on! this has to be in my favorite ske48 singles ^3^)ノ gah jurina looks so cool in this photo sorry couldn’t help that……..ehe. i’m obsessed with this song, too. the b-sides are nice too ! yeah. first rank for ske48 on my top10 now! next uupppp…

6th place - Everyday、カチューシャ // AKB48

every every every day, every every day~ kachuusha girl! i looove this song. a lot.  a loooot! it’s so… summery and catchy and great and the dance is cute and ahhhh i love itttt. it’s also got one of the best senbatsu’s ever ; u ;)ノ ++ it’s also got one of my favorite b-sides ever as the b-side – yankii soul! m – a – j – i majijo majijo! yeah. the music video is pretty amazing too, it has bits and pieces of some of their old pv’s, like heavy rotation for example. and of course the ah-so-lovely bikini yay yay yaaay (o u o ~ so 6th spot this year goes for akb48, yay.

5th place - 女子力←パラダイス // SUPER☆GiRLS

kimi wo get chu~~~! super☆girls gets another spot in the top 10 with their amazing joshiryoku paradise that happens to be my favorite song from them, at least for now as their new album “everybody jump!!” is being released on the 1st of february. but yeah. i reaally love this song, it’s amazing. the outfits are one of my favorite outfits (though, the list of my favorite outfits is long.) so yeah~~ i reeally like this song. not like, actually, but love ♥ these texts are starting to get repeating….

4th place - フライングゲット // AKB48

sorry furage, as amazing as you are you can’t have another #1 ! C; frying ghetto is my favorite akb48 single from this year, no competition. i just love this song. it’s so … hsahasbhs! it makes me want to dance and sing along and gahhh! i just love it! my reasons for loving songs are bad. but yeh. this year’s election senbatsu single too! yup yup, i love this. the b-sides aren’t bad either, i really like dakishimecha ikenai (umechan!♥) and aisu no kuchizuke. seishun to kizutsukanai mama isn’t bad either. another spot for akb48 in my top10, ehh. they deserve it though. just so you know, this is the highest they got so keep readingggggg

3rd place - パレオはエメラルド // SKE48

yep yep, ske48 it is. pareo wa emerald is my second favorite single from them, so it’s no wonder they’re getting my #3 spot for 2011. if the next two singles weren’t released, it would’ve been #1 you know!! haha i’m funny loljk i’m not. the chorus of this song makes me want to hug a puppy jurina uh, let’s stick with a puppy. yep, a puppy. the senbatsu is excellent, and the outfits are pretty. + it has bikini, that’s always a plus in my book. i really don’t get the bikini-are-disgusting-people, nope i don’t. i mean who doesn’t enjoy pretty girls in pretty bikini. (even though most of the “bikini” they give the younger girls like jurina and non are h o r r i b l e). ske48 is the 2nd best artist when it comes to singles in 2011…woops, did i just give the top2 places artists away?

2nd place - プリーズ ミニスカ ポストウーマン!// スマイレージ

yep, 2nd place goes to the amazing please miniskirt postwoman! that i love very very very much. the music video is adorable, the song is super catchy and fun, i looove the dance (and i obviously can do it !) and the outfits are really pretty. yep, win! even the b-sides are s/mileage quality, meaning amazing. i looove konnichiwa, konbanwa and their cover of te wo nigitte arukitai is really nice ! ♥ this single was yuukarin’s last, goddamn i’m never getting over her as i’m still not over sakichy……… and it was amazing sendoff for her. “monogatari wa tsuzuku”, the story will continue!

so…at this point my #1 should be obvious, right guys? there’s only one correct answer C;

1st place - 有頂天LOVE // スマイレージ

no competition. seriously, no competition. this song is miles better than please miniskirt postwoman!, and i love that song to death. so where do i love this song to, i don’t even know. i just love it way too much. sakichy’s last single, 4nin sumaireji’s last single, happened also to be the best single ever released. the a-side itself, uchouten love, is so amazing it’s unbelievable a song can be that amazing. it’s got a parapara/eurobeat/whatever vibe to it, but it’s still so s/mileage. best song, ever. i used to think that was beginner and suki-chan tied, but nah, this blew them outta water. uchouten love. so good. the b-side, jitensha chiririn, is so good i wanna cry. i do most of the time though, because it reminds me of the amazingness of these four girls put together. ;-; ♥ i wish i could go back in time just to see these girls live once in my life but as that is impossible, i’ll just drown in my memories. jitensha chiririn is the world’s best b-side, by the way. their cover of chu! natsu party wins all other versions 100-0 too. just. perfection in the form of a music single. deserves none other than the #1 spot.

so, do you agree on my pics? you should C; haha
anyway, this new year of 2012 has already had a few amazing releases including ske48’s kataomoi finally and momusu’s pyoco pyoco ultra, as well as the upcoming releases of junjou u-19 by nmb48, choto mate kudasai by s/mileage and give me five! by akb48. so look forward to this again in 12 months, i promise to do it, okay ? (^O^)/

and you know what’s missing?

warugaki princess's nyonsama yo yo checkitout yo

hey hey. it’s me again.

so since xmas i’ve been sick. veery sick. the virus is called jurina.
i was hoping it would stop messing with my rankings me. but no.
i’m still sick, and my feelings are “here aki-p here take this it’s all my money take it”.
sorry tsunkuboy, i’ve spent enough on you for this year. time to get me some juri-merch.

i mean isn’t she cute.

asdhshfksjdkkjhksd too cute

so yeah. ms. matsui messed up my idol top10 and i thought i should check out it again so it ended up changing way too radically. meaning there’s 3 h!p idols left, on my current top10. /shot

no can do, i really love the 48 family (*/ω\*) and jurina~
omg i feel bad though. oshihen chou, bad chou (´3`) i still love you sumire (; O ;”)

also. today is december 31st. meaning tomorrow the new year starts. and meaning, maeda yuuka graduated today. ( ;ω;”)
i’m not feeling like crying right now (cos i’ve had an amazing day so far, listening to ske48 and eating and dancing rocks) so i’m gonna wait until 2012 to post my feelings about that.

xmas just passed btw, so obviously. i got gifts. hehehehehehehehe.

jajan !

so~~~ i got my second calendar for 2012 (first was suuchan’s poster calendar!), utb vol.198 and utb+ vol.3, and busu ni naranai tetsugaku limited edition f also known as the sumaireji version! yay yay, happy!
so if you guys know utb magazines… they come with trading cards. there’s three different possibilities for the card sets, there’s 15 in total and you get a random set of five.
so~ here’s the sets (i’m feeling bored so i’ll list these lololol)

utb vol.198 (sumaireji cover!)
set a:
aizawa rina
fukuda kanon (sumaireji)
maeda atsuko (akb48)
yajima maimi (c-ute)
hayami akari&sasaki ayaka (momoiro clover)

set b: oshima yuko (akb48)
ono erena (akb48)
wada ayaka (sumaireji)
momota kanako&takagi reni (momoiro clover)

set c: ogawa saki (sumaireji)
maeda yuuka (sumaireji)
matsui rena (ske48)
tamai shiori&ariyasu momoka (momoiro clover)

so obviously being the kanyon oshi i am, my most preferred pick is set a for her only. having aarin from momoclo there is a huuge plus, too. i wouldn’t be disappointed with either one of set b and c though, as both have two sumaireji related cards, and c has renarena from ske48. well my luck – i got set a \(*/w\*)/

utb+ vol.3
set a: iwasa misaki (watarirouka hashiritai 7)
komori mika (watarirouka hashiritai 7)
watanabe mayu (watarirouka hashiritai 7)
kikkawa you
mano erina

set b: oota aika (watarirouka hashiritai 7)
suzuki airi (c-ute)
takada riho
nakagawa haruka (watarirouka hashiritai 7)

set c: kikuchi ayaka (watarirouka hashiritai 7)
sashihara rino (akb48)
sayashi riho (morning musume)
hirajima natsumi (watarirouka hashiritai 7)

so here. all sets are nice, my least favorite’s gotta be set b though because none of them are my favorites in their groups, and i dont even know takada. nmb48 would be nice though. set c is my ultimate favorite, for sumaireji and riho cards, sasshi is amazing too. set a is great, my three favorites from warota7 and kikka+manoeri. well. i can’t believe my luck, but i got set c ! so that makes it a double win, i got all the cards i wanted (kanyon, sumaireji group and rihoriho!)

omg, so long rant about utb cards. oh well.
to end this post. here’s a video, it’s 5min3sec of complete w matsui perfection. click.
and the necessary nyonsama~! (it’s the card from utb198, btw C:)

*hugglesnuggles card*

ahaha whoops. i’ve been a bit lazy blogger lately. oh well – it’s time to blog about my precious idols again. yay! i’ve got some idol goods lately too, but i’ll blog about that next time~

the best group - ever ! ♥

my favorite girls and their new single please minisuka postwoman! proved their amazingness again. the song is amazing, i love tha dance, the pv is full of colors and balloons, and the outfits are the strawberry on top of the cream. ♥ lovelovelove ! ♥ check the pv on their channel – SUMAchannel – CLICK♥

next i need to blog about a few new loves ♥ they’re known as tokyo girls’ style, super☆girls, passpo☆ and momoiro clover z ! ♥

the newest amazingness - passpo☆

super☆girls and tgs i got into because of my friend vince (also known as lemonamoururu~!@H!O), passpo☆ because of another friend charlo (or charlokylie@H!O) and momoclo through the amazing fukuda kanon also known as kanyon also known as my all time idol oshimen !

super☆girls is an amazing group – i love them mostly for their songs (joshiryoku←paradise is my favorite!) and i also grew to love some of the members already. i’m still finding more info but one thing is clear – amita (maeshima ami) is my oshi ! love her, she’s adorable. other loves would be tanaka mirei and mizote ruka, and also akita eri. but amita is the best ! she’s getting a photobook, or so i heard – will be a must get xux

tokyo girls’ style is the best quality music i’ve ever heard from an idol group. gotta admit – i’m a dd when it comes to tgs, i like them all.yamabe miyu was my favorite at first but i dont know anymore, ayano’s and hitomi’s voices are amazing and yuri and mei are cute and talented too *-* my favorite song is limited addiction – the song is way too good. love them very much !

passpo☆ is my newest love out of them – but all i needed for the spark was la la love train. i love that song to death. i can’t stop loving you ! and yes – i also found my passpo oshi already (gosh, not much info is needed for me huh!? bad fan). her name is iwamura natsumi or like fans call her, nachu ! she’s sooo pretty and cute and ashdsjdhfsj. like her very much.

momoiro clover z is an older love of mine – but i refound them a while ago ! my eye has always been caught by aarin (sasaki ayaka of course) ☆ love her. my favorite song from them atm… is probably wani to shampoo, ikuze! kaitou shoujo or z denxetsu ~owaruntachi kakumei~. anyway, i don’t have much to say about momoclo except that they’re amazing.

wall of text…JEEZ. anyway, to end the post, have some kanyon. she’s always needed.

perfect girls don't exi- oh, wait... ☆

i’m late to this, as always – 30th september was morning musume’s longest-serving leader’s, long-time front girl’s, takahashi ai’s graduation date.

and my feelings about this were, and still are very mixed.

this will be missed (gif from tumblr)

she has been there since i became a fan in 2008. and it still doesn’t feel real she’s gone, that i won’t be seeing her that much anymore. there won’t be takagaki moments anymore, no aisayu kisses on stage…. it’s not real, that’s how it feels.

ai-chan never was my favorite in momusu. she always was ‘the frontgirl with awesome voice, who looks good in anything’ type to me, and it wasn’t until i watched fashionable and shed a few tears because of her awesomeness on the stage that i truly fell for her.
well. of course, just my luck. i close my youtube tab, as i just have finished fashionable and felt like, “i want to see more of ai-chan, she’s amazing”. i open hello!online – and what’s better to find out it was just announced she’s graduating?

it felt unreal, seriously unreal. no. i mean we all saw it coming sometime – but 9th gen was just added! i totally didn’t expect it right that moment. and i totally didn’t want it to happen before i’ve seen her perform live with momusu … i had over 10 years time, yet i couldn’t. i truly hope that when i finally can, she will still stand on the stage.

ai-chan seems like an amazing person. she has been a great leader to momusu, and i envy all the people that got to stand on the same stage with her, because they’re very lucky. she’s someone i look up to, someone that i adore. i really will miss her.

at the same time i feel like, this is for her own good, and for morning musume’s good. they can move from the ‘ai-chan era’ to another one now. if it’s ‘risa era’, ‘reinariho era’, whatever you want to call it – they can move on to that now. they have been kind of stuck in the ‘ai-chan era’, and this seems like they’re finally going to get another era going. ai-chan will move to (hopefully) bigger and better things! i’m glad she’s out now, even though i will certainly miss her a lot.

thank you till now, wow wow wow thank you tonight, ai-chan

#nowplaying // 自転車チリリン – スマイレージ

hey hey~ it’s me, blogging, again LOL

soo~ sumaireji’s tour is starting todayyyy! there’s one thing i have to go through before moving to the tour goods.

sumaireji submember, kosuga fuyuka-chan, was diagnosed with severe anemia and she has to stop all her activities as a sumaireji submember! :c i’m a bit sad because of this,  because she really started to grow on me! ;-; i hope she recovers and will work hard when she is fully healed. after she has healed, she will go to hello pro egg. >-<

ganbatte fuyuka-chan! one submember down, four left...

well well well. moving on to the tour goooods!
so the tour title, “Gyakushuu no Chou Miniskirt” means something along the lines of  “Counter attack of the very short skirts”. interesting, huh? C:

DVD magazine, tour t-shirt, tour bag, sports towel and visual book

DVD magazine has 8 people on the cover, which means that the orange shape represents fuuchan ;-; aww. i really like these, though! i wish they made the shirt sparkly, lol. but it’s good like this too. the visual book looks funny 😮

muffler towels

i really like these! you can see which colors did they give to the submembers here, btw! kanana is blue, take-chan is red, rina is yellow and meimi is dark green ! C: i’m getting kanyon’s if i anyhow can.


pretty similar design to the mufflers~ i really like the design, it’s simple and nice! c: all the new girls colors suit them so well! i like how take-chan got the same color as maimi (they’re cousins~!) C:

microfiber towels

ayaka’s is really pretty! for yuuka and kanyon, these might be their worst towels to date IMO. they’re both really pretty though, but i dont like how they put kanon’s hair. kana’s and meimi’s are really pretty too! take-chan and rina… i like them, but idk. nah, i like them ! CX i don’t know about these clothes though, where are the short skirts !?!? :c

cellphone straps

first time that sumaireji has cellphone straps as tour goods ! C: i like the design a lot, they’re similar to what momusu usually has. kanon’s is on my “to buy” list >u<

L photosets, 2L group photos, member set photos, group set photo

now this is a great set of photos! everyone looks really pretty! i just wish kanon’s hair was put in a different wayyy~! :c anyways, i like these photos C:

there they weree~! well there are some more that i was too lazy to put on there buuut yah. you can check them out here.

and to end the post…. C;

Nakayoshi sisters forever ;_; !!

#nowplaying // ショートカット (Remix Version) – スマイレージ

sooo~ i got a few packages lately, and wanted to blog about them. one of them was a gift from the awesomest nin0bb, one was a trade with chobi and one i bought with charlo! let’s start~!

the best item in the world ♥

this is what I got from nin! ♥ i love it sooo much. saki’s last single’s poster, my favorite single’s poster, my favorite design out of the posters, my favorite members signature in the same thing? ;U; ♥ i was determined to buy this until i found out my dad isnt home and i wouldnt be home for the ending time on ebay. well, as i got back from practice, my friends told me nin bought it. and i went wth. he didnt tell me why did he buy it, and around a week later i got it. ;_; ♥ i literally cried a little, i was sooo happy! i love it, and can’t wait to put it up. i need a frame >_<

next up!

kago-chan goodness !

i traded these with chobi, i got these (i got a double of the one with yellow bg) in exchange for my two buono! cards. C: i have yet to mail the buono! cards though. stupid post office isnt open on weekends… if someone doesnt know, kago-chan is my #2 idol all time tied with rihoriho, and i own a (small) kago-chan card collection! she also put the extra tanpopo one, so sweet ;U; ♥

aaaand then!

i wonder what's in there....

i got this today~ let’s see what is inside….

akiba de sumairu!

sumaireji’s akiba promo uchiwa! ;U; i died a little when i first saw this, seriously. i loved everything about it.
i got this from YAJ with the help of Himalia from H!O and his friend Nozomi. Nozomi even put a small note and an origami crane inside, cute! aand, my friend charlo was the one that did all the talking though, because we got our stuff together.

i’ve never gotten anything from YAJ (yahoo auctions japan) before, so i was kinda afraid something would go wrong. i’ve heard “it’s so expensive” and “it takes time”  a lot. i usually stalk YAJ but never got anything because of the fees and all. anyway, charlo and me spotted these gems there. there were a lot of only these uchiwas, or these uchiwas and the clear files. well, we found a super cheap set of two uchiwas and one clearfile. so we decided to split it so i get one uchiwa, and charlo gets one and the clearfile! *U*

i really love this uchiwa, it’s so cute ;_;♥ i knew i had to get it now or never, so i went for it and got it for 1220 yen, including all charges!! soooo happy right now~! it already got a place on my wall, under my sumaireji calendar~~

talking about the calendar….

;_; ♥

yesterday was August 27th. as many of you know, it’s the day of Sumaireji’s youngest original member, 14-year-old Ogawa Saki’s graduation date.
the graduation was announced only a few days ago, because Saki wants to leave the idol business and become a normal schoolgirl again. all the members have blogged about it, i read them all… and she had her final event yesterday.

saki, you will be greatly missed ;_; ♥

Saki has always been one of my favourite members, and she will always be one. even though she graduated, my love for Sakichan wont die. I have never cried this much because of a graduation, and I probably ever wont cry this much because of a graduation, at least I hope I won’t have to…. Yuukarin, Ayacho and Kanyon – please, please don’t ever leave. Saki, even though she was the youngest member, always had the best voice in my opinion. she’s a great dancer, no one can deny that. and her smile, it’s probably the fullest, biggest and brightest out of all the 4 girls. I love her, I really do, even if I don’t obsess over her like I obsess over Kanyon, or Riho.

i'll miss this.

my feelings are really, really mixed at the moment. the Sumaireji I knew isn’t there anymore, the perfect 4-member group has had too many changes in a very, very small amount of time. since May I’ve been enjoying the last moments of this group, that I love way too much. the member addition didn’t hurt me as much as Saki’s decision to leave, though. I could’ve been fine with 9nin Sumaireji, but Saki…… I’ll definitely miss her, and I will miss the 4nin days.

the best there is, was, or ever will be.

anyway. I respect Saki’s decision to leave. of course, I would prefer if she didn’t but if this is what she really wants, she has to do it. no one would want her to feel uncomfortable, right?

apparently, the auditions were held because of Saki’s decision to leave, to “replace” her as the group wouldn’t work with 3 members. even though the 5 new girls, will never, ever be able to fill the gap in my heart that was left there by Saki, I have my hopes up for them to keep being awesome, being the best group I know.

saki's final event

more than anything, I want Saki to be happy with her decision to leave and be a normal girl again. I want her to have fun with friends, study hard and find love. hopefully we will hear from her from Kanon’s, Ayaka’s and Yuuka’s blogs, even though it’s unlikely, I still hope so. I will support Saki forever in my heart, I will also support Sumaireji forever.

keep your smile ! ♥

バイバイチィー, Saki ♥ Live, Love, Laugh and the most important – keep your SMILE!!!!!